Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016

A national science agency [AAD16D2]

15 September 2016

The focus of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR, Hangar 4, Stand W16) is on critical strategic defence domains and projects that offer opportunities for the establishment of technology-based enterprises and industry partnerships, writes Don Henning. Technology transfer is one of the CSIR’s mechanisms to create joint centres and new enterprises.

It works in domains such as maritime research, aerospace technologies, trans-border crime and counter poaching, soldier safety, advanced manufacturing, modelling and simulation platforms, cyber defence and industry development programmes.

These are all presented at AAD.

Furthermore, the CSIR exhibition displays technologies used for integrated surveillance, soldier mobility, health services, unmanned aerial vehicle design and evaluation, platform protection, aviation propulsion and fingerprint recognition, sonar systems, radar, lasers and photonics, information communications technology and smart systems and optronics.

The CSIR presence also includes live feeds to a big screen, integrated systems view to demonstrate realtime awareness such as that in command centres or ‘war rooms’. A new technology demonstrator vehicle is being exhibited in an outside display and an airborne radar and electronic warfare evaluation pod attached to a Hawk fighter trainer aircraft is visible within the static display park adjacent to the display hangars.

The CSIR works closely with government and industry and therefore its contributions in science, engineering and technology are also represented at AAD, together with the various armed forces and partners such as Denel and Armscor.

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