Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016

Building partnerships to protect [AAD16D2]

15 September 2016

UK technology company QinetiQ is at AAD as part of the UKTI stand to explore opportunities in Africa where it can partner with governments and local industries, bringing its technological expertise to bear with analysis and advice, as well as the provision of advanced hardware. One sector that is of particular interest is border security.

Rather than proceed straight to the acquisition of systems, QinetiQ aims to analyse the customer’s requirements and then propose a solution that answers the needs in an efficient manner, while also ensuring the ability to meet evolving requirements throughout the system’s life.

A range of high-fidelity sensors is available from QinetiQ that can be employed to build security networks. One is OptaSense, a fibre-optic acoustic detector that can be deployed along entire borders. The system uses pulsed laser signals, with interrogator boxes every 40km. Analysis of noise signals allows the detection of anomalies once the noise signatures of regular events and permitted vehicle types have been filtered out.

SPO-NX is another ‘smart’ sensor that can be employed in scenarios such as at border crossing points, at large events and at transport hubs. This passive detector scans people to detect anomalies in the body’s normal radiation pattern, in turn alerting security forces to potential hidden weapons or bombs. With an effective range of about 21m, the SPO-NX can be deployed to effectively push back the threat boundary, allowing potential threats to be intercepted or halted before they approach too close.

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