Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016

High-tech skills development [AAD16D1]

14 September 2016

Festo (Pty) Ltd of South Africa (Hangar 3, Stand E15) is a subsidiary of Festo Germany, a leader in industrial automation. Following the acquisition of Lab-volt by Festo Didactic, the latter has become a major equipment and solution provider, designing and manufacturing training equipment and systems in a broad spectrum of technologies.

Festo offers a range of training courses, as well as personalised training and skill assessments, which include its innovative Radar Training System that combines real-world radar with the power of modern surveillance technology. It uses patented technology to detect and track passive targets at very short range in the presence of noise and clutter.

The award-winning Satellite Communications Training System is a versatile telecommunications training platform specifically designed for hands-on training, to teach modern telecommunications technologies in the classroom using a fully operational satellite link. The transmitter, receiver and satellite repeater operate at realistic uplink and downlink frequencies and at safe power levels.

Also part of Festo’s portfolio is the Antenna Training and Measuring System, a complete, cost-efficient, working system for hands-on experimentation on antennas in the 1GHz and 10GHz bands. It can be used by students in a classroom, as well as by design and research teams. The system includes sets of antennas, an RF generator, and a receiving system with a rotating antenna positioner, linked to a data acquisition interface. It is designed for low-power, safe operation allowing measurements of antenna characteristics (radiation pattern).

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