Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016

Specialised supply [AAD16D1]

14 September 2016

Twiga Services and Logistics (Hangar 6, Stand CW20) provides its clients with customised and specialised supply programmes that cater for their defence, security and humanitarian aid requirements.

Importantly though, this function is underpinned by skills and technology transfer in the creation of products and services while local and indigenous capabilities are developed. Thus, together with the client, Twiga uses each acquisition programme to further develop indigenous maintenance and support systems, as well as local manufacturing and assembly capabilities.

Together with its sister African companies, Twiga Namibia and Impala Services and Logistics of Uganda, Pretoria-based Twiga supplies modern armoured vehicles, rugged riverine patrol boats, specialised off-road trailers, weapon mounts, night vision and thermal equipment and security enhancement systems.

“Twiga has designed, developed and qualified the Nyoka 4x4 range [pictured] of mine and ballistic protected vehicles in South Africa, which can be assembled in a client’s country,” Odesa Mashegoane of Twiga Marketing Support explained.

Twiga also provides programmes for the remanufacture of military vehicles, the establishment of military vehicle repair and maintenance programmes and the repair and maintenance of armoured vehicles. These military vehicle remanufacture programmes are generally done in the clients’ countries to enable the transfer of skills and knowledge and ensure ownership of maintenance, service and repair capabilities.

“Training and skills transfer programmes comprise a host of disciplines, from vehicle operator training, mechanical and auto-electrical training to pneumatics and braking system courses, and logistics management training,” she said. “Other courses include project management, human resource acquisition and management, as well as facilities management programmes.”

Twiga enters into joint ventures and collaborative business development programmes that enable the establishment of companies able to develop their own capacities to supply their market areas, she said.

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