Eurosatory 2016

Multicalibre fire support [ES2016D5]

17 June 2016

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Roketsan Missile Industries (Hall 6, Stand D178) undertook the development of multibarrel artillery rocket systems as part of a drive to modernise the Turkish Land Forces. The family has expanded, and now the company offers a range of systems based on three calibres of rocket.

Rockets for the systems are of 107mm, 122mm or 300mm calibre, offering a direct action capability over ranges between 3km and more than 100km (1.86 to more than 62 miles).

The TR-107 has a range of more than 11km/6.8 miles, and can be mounted in 12-round traditional steel launchers or 20-round insulated composite pods. The TR-122 has a range of 36km/22.4 miles with a high-explosive warhead. The TRB-122 is similar, but with a steel ball warhead. At the upper end of the range, the 100+km TR-300 has a combined HE/ball warhead.

To fire these weapons, Roketsan has developed a range of launchers, the latest of which are multibarrel rocket launch systems (MBRLS) able to fire different calibres of rockets. The T-107/122 multipurpose system is intended for short/medium-range engagements, and is highly mobile to support light and agile forces. Mounted on a 4x4 tactical vehicle, the system has three pods of TR-107 rockets, each capsule holding 20 rounds, plus a single 20-round pod of TR-122 rockets.

For heavier, longer-ranged engagements, the T-122/300 system combines two 20-round pods of 122mm rockets with a pair of two-tube launchers for 300mm rockets. This system would typically be mounted on a 6x6 or 8x8 heavy wheeled vehicle. As well as the launchers, the MBRLS includes vehicles for repair, ammunition supply, and command and control.

Their modular design and flexible structure means Roketsan’s multicalibre launch systems can also be modified to mount and launch other rocket calibres if the requirement arises.

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