Eurosatory 2016

Attack accuracy for helicopters [ES2016D4]

16 June 2016

FN Herstal has unveiled one of the fruits of its significant recent investment in digital technology. The FN head-up display (HUD), developed to improve the accuracy of firing axial-mounted rockets and machine guns from rotary-wing platforms, is being shown at Eurosatory for the first time in its fully functional three-unit form.

The FN HUD comprises a lightweight optical projection head and a computer for advanced ballistic calculations and digital control. The HUD communicates with other systems, such as armament management, mission computer and laser rangefinder for improved ballistic correction capability.

FN Herstal (Hall 6, Stand F197) has engineered the system to feature full compatibility with night vision goggles and other systems for status reporting and weapons inventory.

The display is backwards-compatible with legacy targeting systems and can be adapted for a wide variety of battlefield helicopters.

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