Eurosatory 2016

Self-propelled and commanding [ES2016D3]

15 June 2016

Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW) (part of the Polish Defence Group) (Hall 5, B801) has been awarded a contract to supply the Polish Army with 64 Rak 120mm 24-calibre M120K self-propelled mortar systems and 32 all-wheel drive command post vehicles, all of which will be based on the Rosomak (8x8) platform.

The Rosomak is the Finnish Patria armoured modular vehicle (AMV), which is manufactured in Poland, with the driveline and diesel powerpack still being imported. The Polish production line is supplying a quantity of AMV/Rosomak to the United Arab Emirates to meet an urgent operational requirement.

The M120K is based on a modified Rosomak vehicle. On the roof towards the rear is a turret-mounted 120mm breech-loaded mortar. This is provided with 20 rounds of ready-use ammunition, with an additional 26 rounds being carried in the hull. This is laid onto the target using a computerised fire control system, which is linked to the TALIN inertial navigation system, global positioning system and an odometer.

Maximum range depends on the projectile/charge combination, but is typically 7,000m with standard ammunition, and will be increased to 10,000m with a new family of 120mm ammunition. Maximum rate of fire is eight to ten rounds a minute. It is fitted with a roof-mounted 7.62mm UKM 2000 D machine gun with a Bazalt day/night sight.

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