Eurosatory 2016

Two of a kind, kind of [ES2016D3]

15 June 2016

Iveco Defence Vehicles (External Stand D391) is displaying a pair of new vehicles that highlight the comprehensive range of its logistic vehicle portfolio.

The largest of these, a tactical truck range high mobility tractor unit (above right), has been developed by the company in response to the rising demand for high-power tractor units.

The M1250.70T WM 8x8 is powered by a 16-litre FPT Industrial Cursor 16 engine that develops 680hp (507kW), coupled to a 12-speed automated transmission. Also in answer to current demands, the M1250.70T WM is fitted with Iveco’s purpose-designed flat-panelled cab that readily accepts appliqué ballistic, IED and mine blast protection, which is able to be installed while on operations.

Iveco’s 8x8 high mobility tractor units (coupled to SOFRAME semi-trailers) have been in service with the Italian Army since about 2002, with around 60 units delivered.

Highlighting demands for increased power and capability, initial deliveries were powered by 500hp (373kW) engines, while more recent deliveries were powered by 560hp (418kW) engines. These and the current M1250.70T WM are produced by ASTRA Veicoli Industriali, the specialist truck manufacturer acquired by Iveco in 1986.

At the opposite end of the size/weight spectrum is the M70.20 WM 4x4 (above left), the successor to the M40.10 WM series, around 18,000 examples of which have been sold worldwide.

Targeted at the full spectrum of military, security and humanitarian roles, crew cab and van versions of the M70.20 WM are on display, but the vehicle will be available in multiple wheelbases and body configurations to suit individual user requirements. With a gross vehicle weight of up to 7,000kg, the M70.20 WM is designed to carry 8 + 2 personnel with complete equipment, or a payload of up to 3,500kg.

As a purpose-designed military vehicle, the M70.20 WM is optimised to meet current demands for deployable forces, and with a low, compact silhouette is air-transportable by C-130 Hercules transport aircraft. It is also adaptable to operations in climatic extremes ranging from -32 to +49°C, can be lightly armoured if required, and is available in left- or righthand drive configurations.

If required the M70.20 WM is available with an FPT Industrial diesel engine developing 175hp (131kW) that meets current EURO 6 emissions requirements.

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