Eurosatory 2016

Defeating drones and comms [ES2016D3]

15 June 2016

Netline Communications Technologies produces a range of electronic warfare and spectrum dominance systems, including counter-IED systems, active and reactive RF (radio frequency) jammers, and radio/mobile phone tracking devices. Here at Eurosatory (Hall 6, Stand D630) the company is highlighting two new systems that provide defence against small drones and for jamming enemy communications.

C-Guard Dronenet employs an array of RF sensors that rapidly scans the environment without requiring line of sight, detecting and identifying potential drone and quad-copter threats by day and night, and in all weathers. The system can be networked into a C4I net to provide large-scale coverage for critical facilities and borders, and can be used to activate various mitigation methods to neutralise drone threats. The system covers all commercial UAV frequencies in the 20MHz to 6GHz range.

Netline has also introduced Woodpecker Light, a modular, lightweight communications jamming system that can block numerous communications frequencies threats simultaneously. The Woodpecker family provides communications jamming capabilities for a variety of installations, including large air, sea and land platforms.

The new Light version can be sized for unmanned air vehicles down to mini-UAV class. Such platforms are increasingly being used for communications jamming missions over hostile territory.

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