Eurosatory 2016

No hiding in the darkness [ES2016D2]

14 June 2016

Qioptiq (Hall 5, Stand L693) has been awarded a major contract from the Australian Department of Defence for its Kite In-Line Weapon Sights (ILWSs) for the Australian Defence Force Land 125 Phase 3C project.

The contract covers supplying Australia with the latest Austeyr 5.56mm F88 assault rifle and a range of accessories. This includes the Kite ILWS mounted on a rail on top of the F88 assault rifle in front of the magnified day sight.

Kite ILWS uses image intensification technology to amplify the small amount of light energy available at night-time to present the soldier with a clear, bright image of the night scene.

According to Qioptiq, it is possible to see a person at a range of more than 1,000m in night-time conditions in which the naked eye would struggle to see very short distances. This capability enables the soldier to observe and engage any threats, as well as providing additional protection against an enemy using a lesser performing night sighting system.

Qioptiq is an Excelitas Technologies company and designs and manufactures a wide range of photonic products for both the civil and military markets.

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