Eurosatory 2016

For better protection [ES2016D2]

14 June 2016

Brazilian firm Protecta (Hall 6, Stands B170/1) has many years’ experience in ballistic protection, with complete control of the entire production process of its range of products. At Eurosatory, the company is showing its bulletproof vests for the military and law enforcement, armour panels for vehicles and NailPro, an anti-puncture insole for shoes and boots.

Protecta vests are developed with light, flexible materials, and their ergonomic design and antiperspirant fabrics ensure optimal user comfort. Aramid fabrics are layered for every level of ballistic protection, and sewn with aramid thread in a pattern for reinforced resistance.

Protecta also combines this with its exclusive anti-trauma Spyder, which provides trauma levels significantly below the US National Institute of Justice requirements.

NailPro insoles provide protection against objects that could penetrate footwear, such as nails, broken glass or sharp metal. The company can provide the product in panels or in pairs, cut according to customer needs.

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