Closer to reality [CANSEC2016D1]

25 May 2016

US company Keysight Technologies Inc (Booth 320) has announced a costeffective reference solution for creating multi-emitter signal environments used for electronic warfare (EW) simulation and test.

The Multi-Emitter Scenario Generator Reference Solution is based on multiple coherent UXG agile signal generators. With the industry-leading UXGs and Signal Studio software for multi-emitter scenario generation, this reference solution enables engineers to quickly and accurately simulate realistic and dynamic radar threats at a fraction of the cost of similar systems.

Creating realistic multi-emitter signal environments or scenarios is a complex task. Multiple pulse trains must be correctly interleaved and pulse conditions must be identified, counted and prioritised. With hardware configurations that easily fit on an engineer’s desk, the reference solution coherently changes frequencies and settles amplitude in 180ns – allowing thousands of threat-emitters to be simulated with millions of pulses per second.

Angle of Arrival (AoA) and kinematics simulations within the multi-emitter signal environment add even more complexity. Kinematics provides dynamic power levels, Doppler frequencies and pulse amplitudes, phase and time offsets for AoA simulation. In order to achieve AoA simulation, the reference solution provides a tailored calibration system capable of aligning the different UXGs in time, amplitude and phase.

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