SOFEX 2016

Work together [SOFEX16D3]

12 May 2016

“This exhibition has an important role in discussing and finding solutions to the security challenges facing countries in the region and around the globe.”

This is the view of Brig. Gen. Adnan Ahmad Al-Abbadi, Commander of the Jordanian Special Operations Command (pictured), expressed at a media conference yesterday.

He said the 11th Special Operations Forces exhibition and conference allowed for meetings between decision-makers and military commanders from various countries all over the world to share ideas, advice and expertise about the best methods to deal with the security challenges.

The first session of the Sofex exhibition began in 1996 with a clear vision from His Majesty, King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein, the Supreme Commander of the Jordanian Armed Forces.

“We are proud that the Jordanian Armed Forces – Arab Army have organised and hosted this exhibition, which has been rated the first in the world for specialised defence industries,” Al-Abbadi said.

He regarded Sofex as an important opportunity for international industrial companies to meet with end users at various levels.

In this regard, he highlighted the role of the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB), which now promotes its products on a global platform.

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