SOFEX 2016

Proven workhorse [SOFEX16D3]

13 May 2016

Regarded by operators globally as the most flexible and proven airlifter, the C-130J Super Hercules from Lockheed Martin (Hall 1, C101) has been selected by 16 nations to date. This aircraft has logged more than 1.3 million fleet-wide flight hours.

Several Middle East countries, including Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and UAE operate the latest ‘J’ model.

Compared with the older models, the C-130J climbs faster and higher, flies further at a higher cruise speed, and takes off and lands in a shorter distance. It can be used for airlift, humanitarian operations, medical evacuation, VIP and passenger transport, fire fighting, search and rescue, airdrop and aerial refuelling. Importantly, many of these operations can be done with roll-on/roll-off modules, including a medical unit in which medical teams can work in a controlled environment.

The company also offers special mission configurations, such as for Special Operations Forces and the maritime patrol/antisubmarine warfare version called SC-130J Sea Herc.

Lockheed Martin is now producing a civil variant, the LM- 100J, a multipurpose freighter.

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