SOFEX 2016

Local build for Mbombe [SOFEX16D2]

10 May 2016

Paramount Group of South Africa and Jordan Manufacturing Services Solutions (JMSS) have signed a new contract for the local production and assembly of the Paramount Mbombe (6x6) armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) at a dedicated facility in the Dulail – King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) Industrial Park.

Under current contracts, 50 Mbombe will be supplied, the first 25 coming from the South African production line and the remaining 25 being built in Jordan. First deliveries have already been made to Jordan from the South African production line, with final deliveries due later this year.

The Jordan Advanced Machine Company (JAMCO) will manufacture the one-person machine gun turret and the two machine gun pintle mounts, positioned one either side on the roof. Aselsan Middle East will provide the vehicle intercom system.

JMSS partners will start to fabricate the jigs to build the all-welded steel hulls, as well as carrying out welding on subassemblies and cut and bend plates being provided by Paramount.

Major subassemblies, such as the power pack consisting of a Cummins diesel engine developing 440hp, coupled to an Allison SP 4000 automatic transmission, driveline and suspension system, will be provided from South Africa. The power pack of the Mbombe is at the front, leaving the remainder of the hull clear for the crew of three plus the eight dismounts, which can rapidly enter and leave via the power-operated ramp in the rear.

Standard equipment on the Jordanian Mbombe includes an air-conditioning system, rear winch, reversing camera, central tyre inflation system and bar/ slat armour protection for the front and side windows and firing ports.

Gross vehicle weight is being quoted as 22.5 tonnes with an unladen weight of 17.3 tonnes, leaving 5.2 tonnes available for crew, fuel, weapon fit and ammunition.

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