SOFEX 2016

Snake Head raises its profile [SOFEX16D1]

10 May 2016

The Jordan Advanced Machining Company (JAMCO) (Hall 5, Stand A501) is showing its latest Snake Head Cupola Mk III for use in the static defence role, installed on a protected police post for guarding high-value installations. The Cupola Mk III has already been built in production quantities for installation on light armoured vehicles deployed in Jordan.

Of all-welded steel armour construction with Level 1 and 2 ballistic protection, Snake Head can be armed with a variety of weapons, including a .50 M2HB, 7.62mm or 5.56mm machine gun with manual traverse through a full 360° and with manual elevation from -10° to +35°.

A high level of situational awareness through 360° and above is provided for the gunner via the 13 bullet-proof/splinter-proof vision blocks. The gunner can enter via the vehicle or through the single-piece hatch cover in the roof, which opens to the rear. It is also provided with three sliding firing ports and a battery that provides power for the suction fan and searchlight mounted on the roof. In addition to the manually operated version, there is a powered traverse version to reduce crew fatigue, as well as enabling targets to be engaged more rapidly with the operator using a joystick.

Typical vehicle-mounted applications include the AM General HMMWV, BAE Systems M113 tracked armoured personnel carrier, and the Jordan Light Vehicle Manufacturing Al-Jawad (4x4) internal security vehicle, which is currently deployed in Jordan and has also been exported to a number of countries.

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