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Motor Sich proposes Ukrainian Mi-8 MSB-V upgrades, new variants

18 March 2016

Ukraine's Motor Sich is offering a number of indigenously developed enhancements for the Ukrainian army's Mi-8 MSB-V medium multirole helicopters, which are aimed at addressing threats posed by anti-aircraft weapon systems employed by pro-Russian separatist militants in the contested eastern region of the country.

Motor Sich has proposed a range of upgrades for the Ukrainian army's Mi-8 MSB-V helicopters, as well as a number of new variants of the type. (Ukrainian Army)

According to army aviation chief Major General Velentyn Pistriuga, the company is offering a firepower and survivability boost for the baseline Mi-8 MSB-V helicopter, which is operated by army aviation and national guard units, with the installation of an Adron SKZ-8V digital armament control system and a range of air-to-surface weapons that include the GKKB Luch Baryer-V and Russian-made Shturm-V anti-tank missiles, with the latter provisioned from existing Mi-24 attack helicopter ordnance inventories.

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