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Russia lays keels for first Project 22800-class small missile corvettes

24 December 2015

The keels of the first two ships in Russia's new Project 22800-class small missile corvettes are to be laid on 24 December at Pella Shipyard in St Petersburg.

Designed by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau, the vessels - Uragan and Taifun - are scheduled to enter service in 2017 and 2018, Russia's Defence Ministry announced on 23 December.

A production run of at least 18 units is planned.

The Project 22800 class is replacing Project 11356 Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates, which were equipped with Ukrainian engines. The new class has more powerful Russian engines with additional weapon systems.

Rear Admiral Viktor Bursuk, deputy chief of naval armaments, stated that the corvettes' principal armaments will be Kaliber NK long-range cruise missiles and A-190 100 mm artillery.

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