DSEI 2015

Dive control [DSEI15, D4]

18 September 2015

Underwater surveillance could be dangerous work, especially in unknown territory or areas too remote to access.

Canada‑based Deep Trekker and its UK reseller Planet Ocean (Stand N3-275) has just released a new diveable control system for the Deep Trekker remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

Depth rated to 75m (250ft) and equipped with up to 150m of tether, the controller enables a diver to remain at a safe distance while the Deep Trekker ROV investigates unknown territory. An integrated superbright screen to view what the Deep Trekker ROV camera sees, coupled to the same easy-to- use controls, substantially increases the safety of military and stealth dive missions.

‘‘This has been something that the military has been asking for and DSEI has been a great event to launch this new innovation,’’ said Sam Macdonald, Deep Trekker president.

Deep Trekker products, engineered and manufactured completely in-house at Ayr, Ontario, are now used in 59 countries in industries ranging from salvage, energy and marine survey to the military and first responders.

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