DSEI 2015

Taking better aim [DSEI15, D4]

18 September 2015

The defence solution division of Curtiss-Wright (Stand S9-231) has announced an innovative upgradable turret aiming and stabilisation drive system.

The Turret Drive Servo System (TDSS), which is designed and manufactured by Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology in Switzerland, enables system integrators to configure only the system they require now. As their mission evolves, they can add increasing levels of stabilisation.

TDSS is available in three pre-defined configurations, from a basic mechanical hand drive, through a basic electromechanical coupled to a hand drive interface, to the gyro-stabilised turret control.

A custom configuration can be provided.

Also introduced at DSEI this week are the company’s rugged displays for ground vehicles. The GVDU2630 touchscreen display was designed for optimal performance over the full -40°C to +60°C range, combining high readability in a sealed construction with space-saving embedded processor options.

The defence solutions division is also introducing its newest Parvus DuraWORX mission computer and Cisco IOS network router (pictured). An ‘all-in-one’ LRU, it consolidates advanced processing and network functionality previously housed in separate distributed boxes.

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