DSEI 2015

Canada trials decoy [DSEI15, D4]

18 September 2015

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Halifax-class frigate HMCS Winnipeg, alongside at DSEI 2015, is sporting a new radio frequency (RF) ‘soft-kill’ device in the shape of Airborne Systems’ (Stand N5-139) FDS3 passive RF floating decoy.

Originally developed for the UK Royal Navy, where it entered service in 2006 under the designation Outfit DLF(3b), the FDS3 system deploys a fast-erecting inflatable corner reflector decoy that can be used to counter antiship missile RF seekers in seduction, distraction and confusion modes.

The trial installation on board Winnipeg − a single tube launcher on either bridge wing − was hitherto undisclosed. Confirming the fit, a RCN spokesperson said Airborne Systems was selected in June this year to provide FDS3 for demonstration/trial evaluation purposes while the ship is deployed with NATO maritime forces, adding: ‘‘No decision has been made on whether to include [FDS3] as a permanent ship fit in the Halifax class.’’

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