DSEI 2015

Searanger aims at surface craft [DSEI15, D4]

18 September 2015

Rheinmetall Defence (Stand S7-110) is aiming the latest Oerlikon Searanger 20mm remote-controlled weapon as the main armament for small surface craft or as the secondary armament on larger surface craft.

It is armed with the company’s 20mm KAE cannon, which can be belt fed from the left or right side, with the example being shown here being fed from the right side.

The operator, seated away from the actual weapon, can select single-shot, burst or rapid singleshot mode, with an effective range of approximately 2,000m.

Searanger can fire a variety of natures of 20 x 128mm ammunition types, including the recently developed Rheinmetall semi-armour piercing pyrotechnically induced effect and tracer (SAPPIE-T). An unusual feature of this latest round of 20mm ammunition is that it combines armour-piercing characteristics with a cascading pyrotechnic impact inside the target, but contains no explosive or fuze.

The weapon is fully stabilised; mounted above and to the rear is the sensor package, which consists of day and thermal channels, laser rangefinder and a video tracker.

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