DSEI 2015

LMV is much improved [DSEI15, D2]

16 September 2015

Iveco Defence Vehicles (Stand N8-130) of Italy is now in quantity production of the latest-generation Light Multi-role Vehicle (LMV), which features a host of improvements.

These include a more powerful 220hp diesel engine coupled to a new eight-speed automatic transmission, an upgraded drive line for higher performance and a new air filtration system.

The payload of the LMV has been increased by some 40 per cent and it is now fitted with new specially designed suspension units and recently developed all-terrain tyres for a higher level of cross-country mobility.

A key feature of the latest LMV batch of improvements is that they can be backfitted to the entire legacy LMV fleet to enhance their capabilities.

The internal layout of the LMV has also been redesigned for greater crew comfort, with new seats, a next-generation dashboard and an upgraded hardtop. The internal cab height has been increased by 100mm to create more internal volume and an electronic architecture has been fitted for easier upgrading in the future.

So far, Iveco Defence Vehicles has achieved sales of more than 4,000 LMVs to 13 countries including Albania, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Lebanon, Norway, Russia, Spain, Tunisia and the UK, where it is called Panther and the prime contractor is BAE Systems Combat Vehicles UK.

Iveco is also showing the VBTP (6x6) amphibious armoured personnel carrier at DSEI, which is now in service with the Brazilian Army and which can be fitted with a wide range of weapon stations.

The VBTP has been developed by Iveco in close association with the Brazilian Army Department of Science and Technology to replace older ENGESA EE-11 (6x6) APCs.

Under a contract signed in December 2009, the Brazilian Army is due to take delivery of 2,044 VBTP vehicles running through to 2030.

The first export customer is Lebanon, which is taking delivery of 20 VBTPs.

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