DSEI 2015

SeaOwl takes to the water [DSEI15, D1]

15 September 2015

France’s SeaOwl Group is showcasing its maritime training capabilities in the waterborne demonstration area daily here at DSEI 2015.

A service provider specialising in a wide range of asset management, training, security and manpower supply services for the maritime, defence and offshore energy sectors, SeaOwl Group offers outsourced training solutions intended to deliver assured operational capability at lower direct cost.

To achieve this, the company provides accredited personnel and assets to facilitate training exercises; it currently provides such a service to the French Navy through the ‘Plastron’ contract.

SeaOwl’s multi-task training vessel, VN Partisan, will be present at DSEI 2015, and will participate in a number of demonstrations with the Royal Marines in the waterborne area.

A 79m former platform support vessel fitted with a flight deck, an aviation control room and a close combat module for commando training missions, VN Partisan can facilitate a range of training serials. These include: operational sea training for surface ships, submarines, naval aviation and auxiliaries; helicopter pilot qualification; training for boarding operations replication of asymmetric threats using high-speed boats; target operations; target recovery; seamanship training; and equipment trials/ qualification.

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