DSEI 2015

What better endorsement [DSEI15, D1]

15 September 2015

One of the latest international ammunition manufacturers using the South African-developed handheld 40mm XRGL40 extended-range grenade launcher for development purposes is the UK’s Energetics Technology Limited (ETL). Having embarked on developing a range of 40mm medium-velocity grenades, ETL opted for the Rippel Effect Systems launcher.

In addition to the XRGL40, Rippel Effect (Stand N3-110) is also showing its electronically programmable multi-velocity GR40 sight, which allows the operator to choose between different ammunition types that can be fired with the XRGL40.

“"Medium-velocity grenades in 40x51mm calibre afford the operator the advantage of hitting a target accurately at 800m range, essential for our range of specialist payloads, which is what Rippel Effect’s XRGL40 was designed to achieve," said Dr Peter Jemmett of ETL. "Two years of development work on the medium-velocity grenade, extensively using the Rippel Effect launcher, culminated in ETL securing an important contract with a European client."

Several other major ammunition manufacturers, notably Rheinmetall Denel Munition and the state-owned Indumil of Colombia, have entered into agreements with Rippel Effect to use its XRGL40 for the development of medium-velocity rounds.

Atlantis Corporation of South Africa is certifying its extended-range low-velocity grenades with the XRGL40, while Diehl BGT Defence used the XRGL40 to qualify its 40x46mm NG extended-range ammunition.

"This is a clear endorsement of the capabilities and quality of our extended-range grenade launcher," said Dawid Fourie, business development executive. "The XRGL40 is now operational with the armed forces of 10 countries around the world, from southeast Asia through the Middle East to Latin America."

An important feature of the XRGL40 is its ability to fire both standard 40x46mm low-velocity and 40x51mm medium-velocity grenades, as well as the latest less-lethal ammunition from the same weapon without any reconfiguration. This makes it ideal for peacekeepers and law enforcement agencies, whose operations sometimes preclude the use of excessive force.

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