DSEI 2015

Helipad in a pack [DSEI15, D1]

15 September 2015

FAUN Trackway (Stand S4-140) will be briefing potential customers on its latest innovation, a Multi-Role Packaging Solution (MRPS) for its range of proven expedient helipads. The first example of the MRPS is based on a standard 10ft International Standards Organization container, which can be transported by land, sea or air.

It contains all the equipment and tools that are required to rapidly construct a 15m x 15m helipad for use by expeditionary, humanitarian and relief helicopters where no facilities exist. The container is fitted with air conditioning and power, as well as secure working and storage space.

Once deployed, the helipad can be used as an operational base and can also be configured with two sleeping spaces.

The air-conditioning system for the first MRPS has been supplied by Danish company Dantherm, while the helipad lighting system has been provided by Metalite Aviation Lighting Systems of the UK.

FAUN Trackway’s Helicopter Landing Mat is a system of interlocking multigrade aluminium panels that can be rapidly laid where it is not practicable or feasible to install permanent infrastructure.

The MRPS expands the company’s aviation portfolio, which also includes the Rapid Runway Repair system, Aircraft Landing Mat and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Landing Mat.

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