DSEI 2015

Hitting the mark [DSEI15, D1]

15 September 2015

Wilcox Industries of New Hampshire, USA (Stand N4-333) is showcasing its RAPTAR (rapid targeting and ranging module), a lightweight, integrated technology system that provides an infrared (IR) laser, visible laser, IR flood and laser rangefinder in a compact, rugged, all-weather package. Equipped with precision windage and elevation adjusters, the entire laser suite is controlled as one. It can be mounted to a wide range of weapon platforms.

RAPTAR-Lite offers both visible and IR aiming lasers and a variable-focus IR Illuminator, which are precisely controlled with adjustors for azimuth and elevation. The compact, all-weather package includes an 80-lumen SureFire flashlight to identify targets and threats and offers versatility of use in close-quarter combat situations.

RAPTAR-S offers all the proven technology of the original RAPTAR system, and features an applied ballistic solver for precise accuracy at extremely long ranges, accounting for all major and minor trajectory variables. A ballistic calibration feature allows the user to ‘train’ the software to match a specific rifle based on observed impacts at long range.

RAPTAR devices are available in a high-power version for military application, as well as an eye-safe version using a low power for law enforcement and civilian use. All incorporate a laser safety key, which allows only a trained person to adjust the intensity of the laser up and down according to the operator’s level of training to prevent injury.

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