IDEX 2015

Chun-Mu being delivered [IDX15D2]

24 February 2015

The Republic of Korea Army (ROK) is now taking delivery of the Doosan DST (Stand 12-B11) Chun-Mu artillery rocket system (ARS) that entered quantity production in October 2014. Doosan DST is the prime contractor and system integrator; Hanwa supplies the rockets.

Chun-Mu provides the ROK with a step change in capability when compared with older systems currently deployed by the ROK Army. Mounted on an 8x8 cross-country chassis, it has greater mobility and fires more accurate rockets to a longer range.

Mounted on the rear of the platform is the powered launcher with two pods each of six 239mm solid propellant rockets that are understood to have a range of at least 80km. A computerised fire control system is fitted and for increased accuracy the rockets are fitted with a global positioning system/inertial navigation system (GPS/INS) guidance system. In addition, the system can fire unguided rockets to provide a saturation effect on the target.

New rocket pods are loaded rapidly using an onboard loading system. The pods are transported by a similar 8x8 vehicle to the Chun-Mu ARS, which has a fully protected cab, air-conditioning and NBC systems.

For better cross-country mobility, the vehicle has independent suspension and a central tyre-inflation system with run-flat inserts.

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