IDEX 2015

Breathe easy [IDX15D2]

24 February 2015

Ever since chemical gas has been used in battle, the military has had to find special ways to protect its own forces and even civilians. UK-based Scott Safety (Stand 05-C22) is renowned for innovative solutions for respiratory protection.

Its general service respirator (GSR), developed for the UK armed forces, involved a thorough assessment of every element of military respirator design. Not only does it feature new technologies for improved levels of respiratory and ocular protection against CBRN threats, but it also improves on the psychological and physiological burden of wearing a respirator for extended periods.

Likewise, Scott Safety’s first-responder respirator (FRR), based on the success of the GSR, has proven comfort characteristics for 24-hour wear.

Another of its products is the Scott Patriot 5510 hybrid modular system, which can be rapidly adapted to overcome any CBRN environment. Scott Safety’s new tactical ProPak, incorporating its proven self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) technology, comes with the option of Scott’s 379-bar cylinder.

This provides 25 per cent higher pressure than the standard 300-bar SCBA, which allows for increased duration with minimal increases in size and weight.

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