IDEX 2015

Floating hospitals [IDX15D2]

24 February 2015

Having received a significant order from the German Navy to overhaul a number of MERZ containers for shipboard hospitals, German company FHF-GmbH is up to the task.

Onboard ship hospitals for the navy usually incorporate the same medical functions as field hospitals operated by armed forces the world over. However, the containers are somewhat different, being a combination of 20ft and 30ft ISO containers designed for offshore conditions.

FHF-GmbH specialises in the provision of special-purpose containers, either new-build or converting existing containers in line with client needs. This capability includes laboratories, offices, large container complexes and rocket or mortar-proof accommodation. The company can outfit the containers for extreme climatic conditions.

Starting the work on the shipboard hospital only this year, the company has indicated that the 27 containers will be completed, with ancillary equipment, by April 2015.

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