IDEX 2015

Hit a moving target [IDX15D1]

23 February 2015

For precision combat marksmanship, a target with human-like actions comes close to the real thing.

Australia-based Marathon Smart Targets (Stand 04-C20) is showing its range of robotic targets, including the flagship T-40, developed in conjunction with the country’s Department of Defence.

The human-shaped targets display artificial intelligence by moving and behaving autonomously like real humans, even reacting to live-firing from a shooter. When hit, the mannequin drops and other targets on the range scatter for cover, only to re-emerge after a pause to counter-attack. In this way, combatants are trained to fight against unpredictable moving targets, using live ammunition.

According to the company, its smart robots represent the next evolution in marksmanship and live-fire tactical training.

Smart targets can be installed on existing ranges without requiring additional construction or infrastructure. They are able to operate day or night in any weather, while remaining within the designated safety zones. In addition to training for multiple skills, various scenarios can be created, ranging from simple to complex and unpredictable.

The mannequins are mounted on an armour-plated drive train with puncture-proof wheels.

Sensors detect shots from all directions, distinguishing body shots from head or spine hits.

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