IDEX 2015

Safety at sea [IDX15D1]

23 February 2015

Austrian communications and information systems house Frequentis (Stand A-040) is giving a public debut to its new ICM (Incident and Crisis Management) system at NAVDEX 2015. ICM organises and automates emergency management procedures to support operators in their decision-making process, and so improve the speed and efficiency of responses. The system integrates into existing maritime communications and information systems.

ICM guides operators through approved emergency management procedures, collating and displaying incident-related information automatically, and identifying key contacts and assigned responsibilities.

According to Frequentis, “These contacts and relevant deployment resources receive automated alerts and information updates, helping to ensure a faster and more informed incident response.”

A particular feature of ICM is the user interface, designed in collaboration with experienced operators.

A Geographic Information System (GIS)-based Tactical Communication Chart displays incident-relevant data, including the location and status of resources, improving the operator’s situational awareness.

Guiding decision-making based on standard operating procedures, this improved understanding of the situation, underpinned by automated communications and data exchange, allows the operator to focus on managing responses. ICM also records all activities in an action log, providing a vital resource for subsequent investigation, performance analysis, compensation negotiations and/or legal proceedings.

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