IDEX 2015

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23 February 2015

The best way to react to fast-breaking situations is to have an operational picture like that offered by Raytheon (Stand 03-B07) with its Command View Mission Solutions.

As the company affirms, commanders must instantly understand what is going on around them. Command View Mission Solutions, an integrated suite to manage C4I, places decision-makers in a cyber-secure, common-computing environment to collect timely, critical information.

Raytheon C4I Systems business development manager, retired US Army Brigadier General Chuck Taylor, said: “The system must combine accurate and current situational awareness and assessment with scenario planning and war-gaming to enable tactical to strategic mission accomplishment.”

Several nations use Raytheon’s command and control systems. Likewise, commanders of the North American Aerospace Defence Command monitor a larger portion of the continent’s airspace than ever with the Battle Control Station-Fixed developed by ThalesRaytheonSystems, Raytheon’s JV with the European defence electronics company.

Raytheon believes Command View provides the necessary information, communication and connectivity in a complex and dynamic environment.

Taylor added, “Our solutions make it simple for the customer to focus on what is important.”

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