Night vision from Bulgaria - Indo14-Day3

07 November 2014

Established in 1998, Bulgarian company Optix specialises in a range of optical, opto-mechanical and optoelectronic devices. The privately owned company has instigated a rigorous quality control certificated to the highest international standards, being one of the first companies in Bulgaria to become accredited to NATO’s AQAP 2110 standards. Here at Indo Defence it is showing a number of its products (Hall D, Stand DP307), including its two latest developments.

IdentifieR 100 is a thermal imaging sight intended for military and security applications, including special forces. The durable sight provides state-of-the-art thermal sensitivity and a wide dynamic range. It is effective in most conditions to a range of 4,600m, and has a whitehot/ black-hot toggle to allow the user to optimise imagery in varying scene contrast temperatures.

The Z-IR-60 is a clip-on thermal vision attachment that mounts directly in front of a daylight sight.

This allows snipers to employ thermal imaging without having to exchange the daylight unit.

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