Light Gun eases deployment [ID14D2]

06 November 2014

Nexter Systems (Hall D, Stand D217) has brought the latest version of its 105mm LG1 Light Gun to Indo Defence this year and is looking to increase sales of this weapon, which has so far been sold to Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Indonesia (Marines), Singapore and Thailand.

While there is a clear trend towards the development and fielding of 155mm artillery systems – towed and self-propelled – there is still a significant market for 105mm towed artillery systems, especially for use by airborne, marine and rapid deployment forces where their low weight makes for ease of deployment. The Nexter Systems 105mm LG1 has a 30-calibre barrel and is operated by a crew of five. It can be brought into action from the travelling position to the ring position in 30 seconds.

Firing the old 105mm M1 high explosive (HE) projectile, the LG1 can achieve a maximum range of 11km, but this can be increased to 17km using the Nexter Munitions 105mm LP G3 ammunition. The complete family of Nexter Munitions 105mm ammunition for the LG1 includes not only HE (standard and base bleed), but also illuminating and smoke. Maximum rate of fire for short periods is up to 12 rounds a minute.

In addition to its standard direct and indirect sight systems, the 105mm LG1 can be fitted with an onboard re control system, which reduces the into-action time and improves accuracy. The latest 105mm LG1 Mk III being shown here is fitted with an inertial position and laying system, and the Top-Lite gun ballistic computer on the left side.

The 105mm LG1 can be carried slung under a helicopter such as the widely deployed Puma as well as be towed by vehicles such as the Toyota Land Cruiser or ACMAT 4x4 cross-country vehicles. When travelling, the 105mm ordnance is normally traversed to the rear and locked in position over the closed trails.

The LG1 Light Gun is only one of the firepower solutions from Nexter Systems; another major one is the truck-mounted CAESAR 155mm/52 calibre system, which has seen operational service with the French Army in Afghanistan, Lebanon and Mali. Export orders for the CAESAR have been placed by an increasing number of countries including Indonesia, Thailand and Saudi Arabia.

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