Anoa ready for specialist roles [ID14D1]

05 November 2014

The first 6x6 armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) to be designed and manufactured in Indonesia is the Pindad Anoa. The vehicle is being shown at Indo Defence this year in many configurations, including one for the armoured personnel carrier (APC) role (outside Hall A).

Now in service with Indonesia in significant numbers, Anoa features an all-welded steel monocoque hull that is stated to provide ballistic protection to NATO STANAG 4569 Level 3 standard. In the baseline APC configuration, Anoa has a crew of three, consisting of commander, driver and gunner, and carries 10 dismounts.

The commander and driver are seated at the front of the hull, with the powerpack to their immediate rear on the right side and the troop compartment extending to the rear. Anoa is normally fitted with a protected weapon station armed with a 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher.

There is normally another roof-mounted machine gun at the rear and two banks of three 66mm electrically operated grenade launchers fitted covering the frontal arc. If required, heavier weapon systems can be fitted, including various turrets armed with medium-calibre cannon.

The powerpack comprises a Renault 320hp turbocharged diesel coupled to a ZF six-speed automatic transmission. This enables a top road speed of 100km/h and a maximum range of 600km.

More specialised versions of the Anoa developed so far by Pindad include ambulance, command, cargo, 81mm mortar-carrier and recovery, with the latter being fitted with a winch and crane for its more specialised role. Some of these variants, for example the ambulance, have a raised roof line to the rear of the engine compartment for increased volume.

The baseline Anoa is not amphibious, but at Indo Defence 2014 an amphibious version is being shown, propelled in the water by two large water jets mounted one either side at the rear.

Standard equipment for the vehicle includes an air-conditioning system, powered steering on the front four wheels and run-flat tyres but, as usual, there are many options, such as winch, fire detection and suppression system and blast-attenuating seats.

Pindad has been offering Anoa on the export market for several years now that it is in quantity production, but so far no sales have been announced.

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