Forewarned is forearmed [ID14D1]

05 November 2014

The precise location of a threat posed by enemy weapons or platforms can be the key to the provision of both an e ffective and rapid response. is is the key to the localisation system developed by Dutch company Micro own AVISA BV and featured in Hall A on Stand AP209.

Claimed to be both highly accurate and reliable, the company’s system is available for fixed and mobile installation as well as intended for the protection of vehicles, fast boats, helicopters and UAVs.

Dubbed the Acoustic Vector Sensor (AVS), the system is claimed to be unique in that it is equally capable of locating impulsive small arms re as heavier threats from rockets, artillery and mortars. Moreover, in addition to localising enemy weapons, Micro own’s system will identify sounds generated by weapons platforms such as ground vehicles, UAVs, dismounted soldiers and helicopters.

While AVS is by no means the only system capable of locating enemy threats, its claim to fame lies in its small size. Whereas other location systems dedicated to identifying speci fic threats may range in size from 20cm to no less than 25m, AVS covers the whole spectrum of battle eld threats with a fixed size of just a few centimetres.

Forewarned is forearmed, and AVS can provide the means to alert a precise defence.

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