Typhoon blows in hot and fast [ID14D1]

05 November 2014

Eurofighter is here in Indonesia to promote the Typhoon multi-role warplane as a potential answer to the country’s airpower needs. The European consortium (Hall D, Stand 033) has labelled its marketing efforts as ‘Lepas Landas’ – ready for take-off – and not only is Eurofighter stressing the capabilities of the aircraft itself, but also the economic and technological bene fits that Typhoon selection could bring to Indonesia.

Eurofighter’s chief executive, Alberto Gutierrez, is in Jakarta to promote the Typhoon offer. “Safeguarding the islands of Indonesia is a massive undertaking. In terms of airpower you need an asset that is fast, can fly high, has staying power and which is versatile and reliable,” he said. “Crucially, we also recognise that it is important to foster and develop indigenous capability.

We know that to do that you need to be freely able to transfer knowhow and develop your own highly skilled workforce.”

Specific details of Eurofighter’s offer to Indonesia have not been revealed, but the consortium has highlighted the Typhoon’s multirole capabilities, including air superiority, air and sea strike, and non-traditional ISR. The Typhoon offers excellent kinematic performance, state-of-the-art sensors and 13 hardpoints able to carry a wide variety of weapons.

Two of Eurofighter’s four partners are divisions of Airbus, which already has a sizeable presence in Indonesia through its partnership with PT Dirgantara Indonesia.

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