Africa Aerospace & Defense 2014

Oribi leaps to prominence [AAD143]

19 September 2014

DCD Protected Mobility (Hangar 2, Stands B9-15 and C9) has launched the Oribi 4x4 vehicle, which it has developed as a private venture in close co-operation with local company Histomart under a joint venture agreement signed in 2013.

Oribi is being aimed at the civil, paramilitary and military markets with the 4x4 chassis imported from Italian company Bremach and then customised in South Africa to meet specific end users’ requirements.

According to Andrew Mears, DCD Protected Mobility general manager: “It can operate on rails, tar roads and in severe off-road conditions.

These features make the vehicle ideal for numerous industries ranging from military and security to agriculture, construction and mining.”

The Oribi being shown at AAD 2014 is in the troop-carrying role, with the area to the rear of the cab being provided with outward-facing seats for the dismounts. Other potential military versions of the Oribi include aircrew recovery, ambulance, command and control, reconnaissance and logistics carrying cargo or a fuel bowser. There is also potential for an armoured version and a weapons platform. For use in the harsh terrain conditions of South Africa, a bush protection kit is provided.

Its high levels of approach and departure and high ground clearance are ideal for off-terrain operations. Suspension consists of rigid axles with parabolic leaf springs and hydraulic double-acting shock absorbers.

There are also a number of cab options including standard three-seat, two-door enclosed cab, six-seat double cab with four doors and even an open-top two-seater cab with rollover protection.

Oribi is being offered in three wheelbase configurations – 2.6m (short), 3.10m (medium) and 3.54m (long). A gross vehicle weight of 6 tonnes is being quoted. There are a number of options, including run-flat tyres with both road and off-road tyres being available.

The front-mounted powerpack consists of an Iveco four-cylinder turbocharged diesel developing 150kW coupled to an Allison automatic or ZF manual transmission with a two-speed transfer case. This gives a maximum road speed of up to 100km/h and a maximum range of 600km.

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