Africa Aerospace & Defense 2014

Naval protection with a bang and a wallop [AAD142]

18 September 2014

Protection of vessels has become increasingly important as they face a wider range of threats, and as military and law enforcement roles have expanded into the littoral arena, where smuggling and piracy are prevalent. Wallop Defence Systems (Hangar 5, Stand B19) is highlighting its naval protection systems here at AAD, alongside its airborne countermeasures.

Part of Esterline Defense Technologies, Wallop has developed a range of systems that can be used for protection at sea for vessels of varying sizes, and for supporting law enforcement and rescue missions.

Designed for naval ships such as fast patrol and coastguard vessels, the 57mm Barricade Mk 2 is a fast-reacting launcher system that can dispense chaff and flares to deter radar- and infrared-guided missiles, but which can also launch illumination and noise-making rockets to support rescue and anti-smuggling operations.

For FPVs and larger vessels, Wallop offers the 102mm Super Barricade, a passive electronic countermeasures system. Super Barricade has been in service for more than 20 years, but has been steadily improved to meet emerging threats.

For small and commercial vessels, Wallop has introduced the Triton. This is a pintle-mounted, single-tube launcher that fires illumination rockets, providing about 250,000 candelas for 30 seconds, or a noise-making rocket that can generate about 160dBA at a range of approximately 1,800m.

While the illumination round can be used for both rescue and law enforcement operations, the noise-making rocket is very useful against pirates and smugglers, warning them that they have been identified.

For this latter role, Triton has been fitted to a number of commercial ships to act as a deterrent against pirate attacks.

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