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Caring for the individual [AAD141]

17 September 2014

Blue Chip Flight School (Outdoor 6N) is one of the more experienced flight training schools in South Africa, based at Wonderboom Airport (Pretoria), and at Newcastle Airport (KwaZulu-Natal).

The school has an accredited in-house examination centre, an Alsim ALX flight simulator, and a varied fleet of training aircraft, made up largely of the single-engine Cessna 172 Skyhawk and Piper Arrow, and twin-engine Beech 55 Baron.

These are backed up by an array of other aircraft with retractable gear, variable-pitch propellers and fuel injection systems for advanced training. The school holds regular safety evenings and international Fly-Aways for hour building. Any pilot with a valid licence can hire and fly a Blue chip aircraft.

The ALX simulator is accredited for the maximum hours for licences and ratings, as well as instrument rating renewal. It permits flight management systems (FMS), glass cockpit, multicrew cockpit and jet transition training.

In alliance with FlyJetstream, Blue Chip Flight School has introduced a training concept that provides the opportunity for a student to accompany an experienced pilot on an actual charter flight.

The student observes the flight planning process, instrument approaches and border crossings, as well as flying into busy international airports such as Johannesburg’s OR Tambo. This exposure will ensure that the student is equipped with additional skills for a smoother entry to the commercial market upon completion of their commercial pilot licence training.

The company prides itself on its caring attitude. “We never forget that we deal with people,” said managing director Henk Kraaij. “Caring for the individual is paramount. Our students must feel they ‘belong’. No individual is simply ‘processed’.

We are one of the few schools that analyse student personality before pairing them with compatible instructors. To assist with this, we have our own clinical psychologist, who is a part-time instructor at the school.”

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