Africa Aerospace & Defense 2014

Precision radar demonstration [AAD141]

17 September 2014

Landing an aircraft safely in poor visibility conditions depends very much on skill, but precision approach radar goes a long way in assisting the pilot.

Set up on the western side of the show site, California-based Exelis is demonstrating its PAR- 2020 solid-state, electronically scanned precision approach radar system to potential African and global customers. Complementing this is the SwitchplusIP voice and data-switching platform, to give a fully representative showcase of Exelis’s integrated air traffic management capabilities. “Our defence air traffic management radars provide a mobile, sophisticated all-weather capability that gives customers an edge in managing military airspace operations,” said Dave Prater, vice president and general manager of the Exelis radar, reconnaissance and undersea systems business.

“Along with our other radar and integrated communications solutions, Exelis offers complete and seamless integration between air defence and air traffic management.”

PAR-2020 is part of the broader Exelis GCA-2020 radar product line, which offers primary and secondary surveillance, and precision approach in a single integrated unit. According to Prater, this has generated combined sales to four international customers totalling some US$100 million in the past year.

SwitchplusIP is a fourth-generation digital voice and data-switching platform for mission-critical requirements, including defence, air traffic control and airport operations, public safety and emergency services. The ruggedised system can communicate with modern and legacy radio devices.

Exelis is working with its South African partner Tellumat (Hangar 4, Stand B26) to bring its portfolio of capabilities to customers in South Africa.

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