Eurosatory 2014

Less-lethal co-operation (ES14E5)

20 June 2014

Saab Bofors Dynamics Switzerland (SBDS – Hall 6, Stand J303) has signed a longterm co-operation agreement with NonLethal Technologies (NLT) of the USA, under which SBDS will market NLT’s lesslethal weapon systems in Europe.

This partnership stems from a strategic decision made in 2012 by SBDS to move into the less-lethal marketplace when it initiated development of its own line of less-lethal stores. They will not be brought to market until at least 2016, but they promise to offer similar effects to currently available systems, but at greater ranges.

In the interim, SBDS has forged the relationship with NLT. The initial products on offer are the IronFist, which is based on the standard 38mm calibre typically used by law enforcement agencies, and Cobra40, which uses the military-standard 40mm calibre.

Otherwise, both are essentially similar in being vehicle-mounted or fixed installations that can provide rapid area coverage to disperse hostile crowds. A range of standard crowd control munitions can be launched, including CS gas, flashbang and coloured smoke. Alternatively, NLT provides a range of specialist 10in rounds that each have seven submunitions.

Using these rounds, a vehicle equipped with two 36-tube IronFist launchers can fire more than 500 CS minigrenades in two minutes. An effective range of up to 150m provides a measure of standoff safety.

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