Eurosatory 2014

Short-range fire (ES14E5)

20 June 2014

SIG Sauer is displaying a wide range of firearms (Hall 5, Stand C830), including its latest MPX submachine gun and P320 pistol. Both score heavily on modularity, allowing them to be easily reconfigured for NATO 9mm, .357SIG or .40S&W calibres.

MPX is a new family of machine pistols. It uses SIG’s short-stroke piston gas system that offers reduced recoil and fouling. The closed, fully locked rotating bolt system provides a safety measure in case of bullet or water obstruction in the barrel.

MPX comes in a range of versions, the baseline weapon featuring an 8in barrel and three-position telescoping stock. There is a pistol variant, the MPX-P, without stock, and the MPX-K compact variant with a 4.5in barrel.

MPX-SD is an integrally suppressed version with an 8in ported barrel, while MPX-C is a carbine version with a permanently attached 8in carbon fibre extension. A range of accessories is available, including a folding stock, thread-on silencer for 9mm, and flip-up sights. The standard magazine holds 10/20 rounds, but an extended 30-round magazine is also available.

SIG Sauer’s P320 double-action striker pistol can be fitted with standard or carry length barrels and slides, full-length or shortened grips, standard or tabbed triggers and different magazines.

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