Eurosatory 2014

Noise? No problem (ES14E3)

18 June 2014

On Stand DC757 in the Israel Pavilion (Hall 6), Peryphon Development is launching its Extreme Noise Control Headset System. Developed in co-operation with the IDF, it is especially suited for anti-terror and airborne units, as well as rescue teams, or indeed for anyone exposed to an extremely noisy environment.

Created in response to demand for an audio solution that enables continuation of regular operations even in the presence of high noise levels, the system facilitates communications under noise levels of 110-130dB (decreasing the noise by 40dB). It is based on a unique digital signal processing active noise control system that is active for all communication channels.

The system consists of a team or a personal control unit that connects to any communication network, including intercoms and PRC devices. The ambient noise control enables the user to clearly hear other people in the vicinity – even if they are not using any communication device – made possible by the use of a built-in microphone.

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