Eurosatory 2014

New cab for Czech truck (ES14E2)

17 June 2014

On Outdoor Stand D320, Tatra is showing for the first time a T 815-780R59 19 270 4x4.1R high-mobility heavy-duty 4x4 truck fitted with a new armoured cab designed by Israel’s Plasan. Following initial discussions in July 2013, development of the cab commenced in late 2013.

Plasan’s brief from Tatra included a design that could accommodate Tatra’s air-cooled engine, this option having been favoured by initial targeted customers.

The design brief also called for Level 3 ballistic and blast protection, but weights were not to exceed the 9,000kg rating of Tatra’s current front steer-drive axle. This would enable the cab to be fitted to a chassis with a single front axle.

A limited number of other Level 3 solutions are available for cab-over-engine chassis with a single front axle; these, however, have greater front axle loads complete with associated soft ground mobility implications.

The new cab seats three on energy-absorbing blast seats, features power-assisted doors and is air conditioned as standard. In all configurations, the floorpan provides Level 3a/3b protection, the cab shell offering Level 2 ballistic protection as standard, with Level 3 optional. Cab armouring components will be shipped from Israel in kit form and installed on Tatra’s production line in Kopřivnice.

Front axle load is about 8,700kg, payload is 6,300kg and the design gross vehicle weight of the chassis is 19,000kg. A 10,000kg rated front steer-drive axle is being developed, increasing gross vehicle weight to 20,000kg.

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