Eurosatory 2014

Eurosatory 2014: GDELS-SBS displays latest ASCOD 2

12 June 2014
GDELS-SBS is displaying its larest ASCOD 2 APC at this year's Eurosatory exhibition.

General Dynamics European Land Systems Santa Bárbara Sistemas (GDELS – SBS) is presenting its latest ASCOD 2 (Austrian Spanish Co-Operative Development) in the armoured personnel carrier (APC) configuration in Hall 5, Stand E850.

ASCOD 2 was one of five vehicles recently tested by the Danish Army to meet its requirement for between 206 and 450 vehicles to replace its current fleet of 113 APCs and variants, with a decision expected in the near future.

It has a gross vehicle weight of 35 tonnes and a slightly raised roof line to the rear of the commander’s position for increased internal volume. In addition to the commander, driver and gunner, the vehicle has seven dismounts, all with blast-attenuating seats.

The basic steel hull is fitted with a modular armour package featuring innovative mine protection. It is also fitted with Soucy International rubber band tracks, which save weight but are quieter and generate less vibration. Coupled with the latest suspension, this provides a more comfortable ride for the crew across rough terrain.

The vehicle on show at Eurosatory is fitted with the BAE Systems Lemur remote weapon station armed with a stabilised .50 M2 HB machine gun, because this is already standard equipment on many Danish armoured vehicles.

ASCOD is already in service with the Austrian Army as the Ulan, with the Spanish Army as the Pizarro and, through General Dynamics UK, is the basis for the British Army Scout – Specialist Vehicle. The mobile test rig for this has been running for two years and has been tested up to a gross vehicle weight of 42 tonnes to demonstrate its future growth potential.

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