Eurosatory 2014

Heads-up for ‘e-novates’ (ES14E1)

16 June 2014

Celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, FN Herstal (Hall 6, Stand F201) is unveiling a range of new systems that illustrate the company’s focus on developing complementary technologies to support its core firearms business.

Among the new range are a head-up display and systems that draw on small arm accessories to provide greater situational awareness and enhance maintainability.

Having already introduced its FN Armatronics complementary technologies brand, including the FN FCU fire control unit for 40mm grenade launchers and FN SmartCore shot-counter, the company is now unveiling the FN TASAM (Target Acquisition and Situational Awareness Module) as part of its new umbrella FN e-novation brand.

TASAM combines information from various small arms systems to provide a number of advanced command and control capabilities. Using GPS, the system can provide a situational awareness picture for both soldier and platoon, and also target acquisition data through laser rangefinder and camera.

The display can be presented on a smartphone and data can be shared around the platoon or to higher command via Bluetooth, wireless or 3G connectivity. Another new system is the FN SAM small arms management software. Coupled with the FN SmartCore shot-counter, the system streamlines maintenance and logistics requirements, as well as improving service life of the weapon and optimising operational availability.

FN Herstal is also showcasing developments in the integrated weapons sector. The company has developed a head-up display, FN HUD, for helicopter and subsonic aircraft aircrew.

Compatible with night-vision systems, FN HUD enhances firing accuracy and reduces target acquisition times for axial weapons.

It is easily integrated with the platform’s existing avionics system.

FN Herstal has also introduced digital armament management systems for its podded gun and gun/rocket systems.

While armament capabilities remain unchanged, the move to digital management improves integration with the platform’s own systems.

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