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EOS unveils T2000-DE variant turret

A computer-generated image of the EOS Defence Systems' developmental T2000-DE turret. The DE weapon system is top-mounted above and to the right of the main armament in the image. Note the beam director on the right of the system, sensor unit on the left, and the AESA tracking radar panel in the centre. (EOS Defence Systems)

EOS Defence Systems has disclosed the development of an integrated directed-energy (DE) weapon system variant of its T2000 modular medium-calibre turret, designed to address the escalating top attack threat posed to infantry/armoured fighting vehicles (IFVs/AFVs) by the proliferation and increasing sophistication of hostile unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and air-launched loitering weapon systems.

An internally funded initiative, the T2000-DE is evolved from the T2000 fully integrated manned turret system that is in development as the lethality solution for a number of programmes, including the Australian Department of Defence Land 400 Phase 3 tracked IFV requirement. A recommendation on the preferred tender for that programme is scheduled to be presented to the Australian government for consideration in 2022.

A modification of the Elbit Systems MT30 30 mm turret, the T2000 combines the basic mechanical design and electric drive hardware from the MT30 with the fire control system, sensors, and user interface developed by EOS for its R-series of fully stabilised remote weapon stations (RWS). However, the T2000 was designed from the outset to integrate critical and emerging technologies beyond the sight and the gun, and integrate them into a solution designed and built for purpose. β€œThis approach has optimised the integration of key systems to maximise their performance, including, for example, the flank mounting of active protection systems (APS) to avoid interference with, and from, other sensors and systems,” Grant Sanderson, CEO, EOS Defence Systems (Global) told Janes.

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