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Brazil unveils upgraded M113BR APC

An M113BR APC of the Brazilian Army integrated with REMAX 4 weapon system by Ares. (ARES)

Ares Aeroespacial e Defesa, a Brazilian subsidiary of Elbit Systems, has completed the development of an upgraded M113BR armoured personnel carrier (APC) belonging to the 20th Armoured Infantry Battalion of the Brazilian Army.

This self-funded technology demonstrator, developed with technical support from the army's manufacturing directorate, could emerge as a possible option for a potential upgrade of the M113BR by the army, Ares told Janes on 13 March. The upgraded vehicle is scheduled to be trialled in April.

The modernisation was aimed at improving situational awareness and protection of the M113BR. The company installed its REMAX 4 lightweight remotely controlled weapon station, an OIP Sentinal driver's thermal imaging system, a power management system featuring autonomy of 13 hours, and an adaptable mechanical interface, Ares said.

The REMAX 4, which was jointly developed with the Army Technological Center (CTEx), consists of a dual-axis gyro-stabilised weapon mount, 12.7 mm or 7.62 mm machine gun, ammunition feeding system, ammunition magazine, four 76 mm smoke dischargers, the OIP Sensor Systems EOPTRIS 2.0 imager, as well as command-and-control workstation.

Optionally, the REMAX 4 can be equipped with a laser warning system.

Separately from the scope of the upgrade, RDS-Defesa – a multiband software-defined radio developed jointly by CTEx and AEL Sistemas – and the Elbit Systems Enhanced Tactical Computer (ETC) MK7 were installed, Captain Camila LeΓ£o Pereira of the army's manufacturing directorate told Janes .

The ETC MK7 is capable of running the Proteus-SGP platform management system jointly developed by the manufacturing directorate and the Systems Development Center, as well as a battle management system (BMS).

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